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Infinite Engineering Solutions LLC offers reliable, professional and reputable expertise and service. We are equipped with the most advanced manufacturing unit where technically advanced machinery and well trained & experienced team of fabricators and qualified welders to fabricate heavy duty steel structures. We are committed to on-time delivery and will be there to assist you from concept to completion

Services including:

  • Design manufacturing and erection of steel structure like
  1. Hot rolled section
  2. Modified steel sections,/ Built up Sections
  3. Heavy columns, welded beams,
  4. Ceiling girders & rafters,
  5. Complex structures, truss,
  6. Tanks, Vessels
  7. Light & Architectural section
  • An internal drafting office to prepare structural drawing and details.
  • Highly qualified & trained fabricators and Certified welders for execution
  • Assigned quality control inspectors and a final quality control inspection with the client on every completed structural to ensure optimum client satisfaction.

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Steel Fabrication Center Capabilities includes

  1. CNC Plasma cutting machine, Piercing up to 40mm and side cut up to 70mm , Stainless Steel & aluminum 25mm
  2. CNC Oxy-Acct cutting machine, Piercing up to 100mm Carbon steel
  3. CNC 3 –Axis water jet machine, Thickness up to 120 mm, Complex architectural profiles
  4. Hydraulic Shearing Machine, up to 12 mm thick x 3200mm wide
  5. Hydraulic Press Break, up to 12 mm thick x 3200 mm wide
  6. Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machine ( 4 Roll type), up to 16mm thick , 6000mm L rollers
  7. Profile Bending Machine, 125mm ø pipe , 360 degree
  8. Multipurpose Iron Worker, (cutting, punching, angle cutting…etc.)
  9. Band saw Machine, 250 mm ø pipe and sections
  10. Vertical Power Press, 200 Ton
  11. Dedicated Welding Sections, Process SMAW ,GMAW,GTAW & FCAW

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Steel Fabrication4

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