• At IES Oman, we have always been about constantly taking on engineering challenges, and pushing the boundaries of engineering innovation. Our parent company began in the ‘70s, soon established itself as a brand that is synonymous with successful integration capabilities – both forward and backward, and an expertise that allows for holistic delivery and partnership.  With a string of prestigious projects too, under our belt, it seemed the natural thing to happen. A bold and clear transition to what we are today – the Infinite engineering solution.
  • We believe in doing it right, the first time; every time. It’s simply, our commitment to delivering excellence and incorporating passion into all that we do.  And our strength too.
  • Taking pride in having a free and open structure that inspires trust, ours is a diverse, multi-cultural group of professionals who are driven toward accelerated growth, while being completely ethical.
  • Looking forward to building more relationships and tackling newer challenges.