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Machine Shop

Infinite Engineering Solutions LLC boasts a modern and efficient machine shop capable of either production machining, one off jobbing as well as repair and maintenance facilities. An extensive range of plant, tools, machinery, skills and experience enables the Machine Shop to quickly and accurately produce components and equipment to exacting standards. Can do the custom manufacturing machinery and new parts, can modify existing part, repair and overhaul broken or worn parts .A rigorous in-house quality control program ensures that each job is inspected and catalogued prior to being dispatched.  Machine Shop machinery has the capacity to carry out both small and large scale turning, milling, drilling, grinding, broaching, pressing and shaping operations.

Our Machine Shop capabilities include:

Lathe machine, 660ø x 2000 L (over bed), 470 ø x 2000 L ( Over carriage), 800 ø x 245 L (in Gap)

Lathe Machine, 510 ø x 3000 L (over bed), 830 ø x 3000 L ( Over carriage), 950 ø x 220 L (in Gap)

Lathe Machine, 500 ø x 1500 L (over bed), 320 ø x 1500 L ( Over carriage), 700 ø x 245 L (in Gap)

Lathe Machine, 325 ø x 1000 L (over bed), 190 ø x 1000 L ( Over carriage), 440 ø x 192 L (in Gap)

Universal Radial drilling machine, Up to 50mm radial drill

Milling machine, 1000L x 360W x 460 H