1. Abrasive Blasting


IES use state of the art methods and technology to provide abrasive blasting solutions to the industrial purpose. From heavy grit and high-pressure for the most delicate surface.

Blasting capability includes:

Steel grit or steel shot blasting a process that produces a much higher surface profile, cost effective general purpose media. Typically used for steel fabrications, castings, cast irons.

Garnet (sand blasting) is available in various grades and is used on steel or at a low pressure for more delicate items or jobs which require a smoother finish. Truck chassis, sheet metal, glass aluminum as well as general blasting work.

2. Protective Coating (Painting)

IES have well trained and experienced applicators and range of equipment’s used to carry out surface preparation and protective coating applications. Offers tailored solutions for the application of protective coatings with a comprehensive range of quality controlled industrial coating applications and a range of coating that consider adhesion, chemical bonding and wear resistance

Painting Application includes:

Air spray:  Paint coatings for structural steelwork are usually spray applied. In air spraying, the paint is atomized by mixing it with a stream of compressed air in a conventional spray gun. The paint can be either sucked into the air stream (as in the simple suction-cup gun used for application to small areas) or fed to the spray gun under pressure from a pressure pot.

Airless spray: For airless spraying, the paint is hydraulically compressed and, on release through a small orifice in an airless spray gun, it is atomized and projected onto the surface. By changing the orifice size and shape and by varying the hydraulic pressure, atomization can be accomplished for a wide range of paint consistencies from thin to thick, to give a wide range of rates of deposition. Greater film thickness can be achieved by using this application